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Sep 20, 2012 12:00pm EDT
: yeah, it does make you wonder, but an fbi agent is a pretty solid alibi. >> chris: what are you talking about? >> heather: phyllis has an alibi for the night that tim died. she was with ronan. >> chris: "with"? >> heather: "with." yeah, evidently, they've been having an affair. (knock on door) (knocking on door) >> phyllis: it's daisy, right? >> michael: forget daisy. you have bigger issues to handle. >> phyllis: oh, god, there's more? of course there's more. i knew there was more. there's more? there's more? >> michael: your trial date is moving up. get ready to go to court. >> dr. laurents: don't expect too much. things haven't changed as much as we'd hoped. >> paul: no, i understand. i just, uh, well, i just would really like to see her. thank you. >> dr. laurents: mm-hmm. >> patty: pauly! >> paul: pattycakes. >> patty: paul. >> tucker: you set up that new company? >> sofia: yes, in panama. the paperwork has been executed. >> tucker: you want to leave that outside? >> sofia: the paperwork? >> tucker: no, that edge of judgment in your voice. >> sofia: it's not judgment, tucker
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1